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Today’s post is a personal one – I have often struggled with self-image and my health and what it takes to have the “perfect body”.  Which is insane because nobody is perfect and nor was I brought up to be perfect.  However, I do know that as women, we are socialized to want to be perfect and we often forget that being healthy is far more important than having that “perfect body”.


I know that this was the case for my friend Shannon and she did something about it.  Below is her journey.  Take a look and give this a read – I hope it inspires you as much as it did me.

How did you get involved with your new Healthy lifestyle?

“Last year around this exact time, I decided that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I had zero energy, barely any self confidence, and was basically just feeling STUCK!! I had tried the whole gym membership thing year after year…

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I had been noticing that a friend at work was looking and feeling so much better, and I had been quietly watching her share her personal journey on Facebook for a while. One day I decided to ask her what she had been doing, and how I could do something like that for myself.
She explained that she was doing 30 minute at home workouts, following a healthy nutrition plan, and drinking a superfood shake to keep her energized each day. I thought…ok I can do this!!
BUT again, the same concerns came back. What would be different about this? What would keep me motivated to stick this thing out day after day?! If I was going to make this investment in myself…it needed to offer me something that I wasn’t getting before.
The one thing that stuck out the MOST to me out of everything that she told me was…that I would have her as my personal coach AND the online accountability groups that she was running each month! Before I officially made my decision to give this a try…she added me to one of her online groups. I was AMAZED at the amount of support and motivation that everyone in this group was giving each other on a daily basis! They were sharing struggles, successes and just everything in between (recipes, positive quotes, just so much). I knew that THIS was exactly what I needed to keep me going!
So, I made the investment in ME…I completed a 21 day fitness program, followed the nutrition plan and leaned into the accountability groups.
I decided to join my friend and become an online Health and Fitness Coach as well. Beachbody offers such an amazing opportunity for people to create a Happy and Healthy lifestyle…and I wanted to shout it from the rooftops!!
This is not just a “diet” or a “fitness program”…this is literally something that (if you commit to it and to yourself)…can become a complete lifestyle change!!
What does your daily routine look like?
  • Getting in my at home workout (most are 30 minutes or less…which I LOVE)!!
  • Drinking my daily superfood shake for breakfast. (I had a lot of stomach issues in the past, and also wasn’t getting the proper vitamins and nutrients that my body needed)…and THIS was one thing that was working for me!! My hair and nails were growing faster, and my stomach issues became almost non-existent!! #winning
  • Checking in with MY online accountability groups to keep everyone motivated, providing them with the info that they need…helping them with their struggles, etc!
  • Checking in with my coaches on my team and working together with them to try to help as many people as possible 🙂

How do you stay on track?

The amazing team of coaches that I have become a part of has completely changed my life!! We truly have a community like NO other!! I rely on those people for support in every aspect of my life, and I now can’t imagine my life without them!!
The amazing team of coaches that have become a part of my life has completely changed my life for the better!
Some of them have become my closest friends, and I haven’t even met them all in person!!
The people that come to me for help making healthy changes also inspire me and keep me going too!! It goes both ways 🙂  I truly need them JUST as much as they need me!!
How did this program transform your life?

I had extremely unhealthy eating habits, was barely getting any exercise (because I would get frustrated and give up), and I just was unhappy with myself in general…which was affecting all aspects of my life!!

These programs and this coaching opportunity also focus HEAVILY on personal development. Training your mind!! If you don’t have the right mindset…you will not achieve your goals!! So I have to say that my mental transformation has transformed my life the MOST…and I am forever grateful for that!! I now have the opportunity to help others do the same…which is incredible!!
  • I have worked with people that have a goal to lose 60 pounds.
  • I have worked with people that have a goal to lose 5 pounds and tone
  • I have worked with people that just want to focus on nutrition and learning about clean eating and meal prep
That is the beauty of these programs. The ability to work toward the specific goals of each person. There truly is something for everyone! That’s where I come in as a personal coach. We go over these things and figure out what is best for YOUR goals and what you are looking to accomplish.
How can others get involved?
Anyone is welcome to message me ANYTIME to find out more! I am happy to answer ANYTHING 🙂
I offer several different online events each month.
Tuesday, Feb. 7th – Free Sneak Peek into Coaching and more of what this opportunity has done for me. This will take place in a private Facebook event! Contact me for an invite!
Monday, Feb. 13th – Free 5 Day Self Love Challenge!! This will be in a private Facebook group where we will really dive into all of the limiting beliefs that hold us back in life, and learning that self love really needs to come first before we can help anyone else 🙂
Contact me for an invite to that as well!
Seeing people transform physically and mentally and having them share their successes and how proud they are of themselves is the BEST feeling in the world, and is 100% the reason why I do this!!
I have always wanted to be able to help others in some way…and I have FOUND THAT!!!!
Want to get involved???  Catch Shannon on her Facebook: here!

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