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A lot of people think of “Shop Small Saturday” as a day during the Thanksgiving week sale craze, but I like to shop small every Saturday (or any day, really).  That’s why I LOVE checking out Mill No. 5 whenever I get the chance!  This past weekend I headed over for their monthly Bazaar.  Several vendors who create and design beautiful artwork, jewelry and awesome trinkets and sells them the public were there!  Did I mention you can buy a beer or a glass of wine and sip while you shop?  Yeah, shopping small really has their perks 😉


This weekend’s Bazaar was appropriately called “Love Buzz” and the vendors were decorated in pinks and reds for the upcoming Valentine’s Day.  I was able to purchase so many things that I would never find in a store and got to meet the creators of them!

What a treat – these people are so talented it’s unbelievable.  They are also so humble.  Kim, the creator of Barbara Pearl started as a hobby because it’s something she enjoys doing and makes the most beautiful pieces of jewelry (I own like, everything she’s made).  If you haven’t read her story yet, do yourself a favor and click the link – you won’t regret it.

Alyssa, the creator of Amaia Papaya makes these adorable coffee koozie’s and tumbler sets as well as makup bags, etc.  I got a koozie and cannot WAIT to start using it on Monday at work.

Not to mention, there’s a coffee shop and other really great shops in there.  No, this post is not sponsored, I just really love going there and I think everyone should visit at least once.  Check out the pictures below.


Yup, this is a moon that is just hanging out when you enter the mill.  Another touch that I can’t get enough of!


If you haven’t had a salted caramel latte from Coffee and Cotton – you haven’t lived.  Also, their grilled cheese?  Unreal.


Just the scene alone at Mill No. 5 should draw you in.  Now imagine vendors throughout with gorgeous handmade pieces for sale.  As you continue to stroll down, you’ll see a yoga studio on your right and a cheese shop on your left.  Walk all the way down, and you’ll see an amazing independent movie theatre (Tonight?  They’re showing The Princess Bride).

The next Bazaar is scheduled for March 4th.  I know I’ll be there.  Will you?



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