Are you still with me?

Wow – a month goes by quick when you aren’t paying attention!  Ok, February is the shortest month, but still – those days flew by.

A lot went on in February…specifically April the Giraffe and her long awaited baby.  When is she going to have it?  AMIRIGHT?

Here is an accurate representation of how I feel:


More importantly, I’ve been consistently shopping small and stumbled upon the cutest boutique that’s walking distance from my apartment.  Humanity Boutique has everything you could ask for – style, cozy vibes and all around positivity.  They have pieces that are unexpected and helps you to think outside of the box and brand out into something unlike what you would find yourself wearing on the daily.

Not to mention, Ani Vong, the owner, is a DOLL.  I briefly connected with her while browsing and (and probably spending too much money,  but that’s besides the point) started chatting with her about how, she too, believes in the power of shopping small and supporting local businesses and women.  She snags her pieces from LA and sometimes across the pond when she travels.  That being said, it feels like you’re experiencing something new and fresh whenever you pop into her store.  I also love that there are only a certain amount of pieces brought in at a time so it always feels like you’re wearing a one-of-a-kind piece!

So – please, check out some photos below (c/o @humanitystyle) and check out the store for yourself!  See you there!


Ani Vong, Owner




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Looks with Linds is a blog dedicated to empowering consumers to shop small and help small businesses to gain clientele and the like.

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