Brews and Blooms

When my friends and I attend Brew Woo in Worcester, MA the first weekend of April each year, it’s the true sign of spring. Steve said it perfectly: “Brew Woo just means summer is coming”. Every year we make the 45 minute drive down to Worcester to sip on some local beers and ciders. However, the weather is always so unpredictable this time of year. Last year, it was a gorgeous spring day and this year was a snow storm. Which means…every year is a struggle with figuring out what to wear.

This year, I really had to get creative because the festival was indoors without a coat check. It always gets really warm with the amount of people in attendance plus when you drink, most tend to get a little warm. I don’t know about you – but the bloat is real too.

I would recommend going for a more casual look for these types of events. Dressing comfortable is definitely key as well. This year, I went with black, distressed jeans that have a nice stretch to them and a white boyfriend t-shirt. I also threw on a thin army jacket for warmth. Not to mention, carrying a cross-body is key. You don’t really need much-just an ID and some cash, but there’s always free swag to grab at every table and you definitely need your hands free to sip.   I wound up coming home with a performers CD and a magnet just as an example.

The number one thing to remember is that you’re standing for at least three hours. Shout out to the chick who wore 6 inch heels – you the real fool MVP. Comfortable shoes people!!!! I wore booties with a 1-inch heel and by the end of the night, I couldn’t wait to sit down!

But, if there’s one thing I cannot stress enough – it’s not leaving home without the most important accessory – PRETZEL NECKLACE!

Check out the pictures from the event below! Are you going to any beer festivals soon??

Beer fest1
Friends who take pictures with giant pretzels together, stay together
beer fest4
Notice the boyfriend t-shirt – helps hide the “bloat” a bit
beer fest5
Ugh, too cute.  This top is also from Old Navy!!
beer fest2
This was about the time when Steve told me we were leaving and that I could finally have a glass of wine – that’s where my heart actually belongs.

How I started the night vs. how I ended the night!xo-linds-jpg


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