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I know, I know, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything.  I know this because my #1 fan, my mother, reminds me every time we speak on the phone.

I’ve been doing a bit of soul-searching lately about what it is that I really want to convey with this blog.  Honestly, I didn’t start this blog to become an Instagram Influencer or anything like that, but simply as a hobby.  The connections and the network that I’ve been able to build these past 6-months have been nothing short of remarkable, but I have to realize that this is for me, and what I want to write about.  It may not necessarily be about the outfits that I’m wearing or the best sales or what have you, but simply about my life.

That being said, moving forward, I’ll be writing about all things that excite me.  Most likely it will be fashion related, but you never know – I might just write about something else!

Life lately has consisted of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and my upcoming family trip to Smuggler’s Notch.  I leave on Sunday and S, my brother, his girlfriend and her 6-year old are coming along.  It’s a new generation and meaning of “family vacation” where I’m no longer the kid, but the adult on this trip.  My brother and I went up there every summer as kids and I’m excited for the little one to get to experience it the way we did.  I made a promise to myself to take a lot of pictures and I’ll post them up once I get back.

Here’s a picture from when I was there as a teen:


Several questions come to mind when I look at this picture…

  1. Why did I think Bermuda Shorts were a good look?
  2. Popped collar?  Really?
  3. Why am I saluting?
  4. Why is my mouth wide open?

Anyway, I’m excited to be getting back there and I’m sad that the guy on the left can’t make it this year.  Being friends with someone you met at a week-long summer camp 20-years ago doesn’t just happen in the movies, and I’m grateful for his friendship (Hi, Alan!).

My hope is to create many more memories like the one above but this time, as an adult, with my brother and his little family and S.

I hope that you stick with me through this journey and check back soon!



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