Tips for an AH-MAZING Vermont Vacation 

Hey everyone! I’m back from vacation with a fresh outlook on life and a very stuffy nose <sigh>. This week I wanted to chat a little about my vacation in Vermont and leave you with some tips that I’ve figured out over the past 15+ years of heading up there every summer! I hope it helps!

So, I’ve been traveling up to Smuggs every summer for a week since I was a kid and basically have exhausted every sort of tourist attraction/activity as possible. This year, my brother and his family joined us so we got to see VT through the eyes of a 6 year old which was a lot of fun! I also got a selfie with the famous Marko The Magician and I can imagine you’re all so jealous!

But mostly, it was a lot of relaxation, beautiful views and lots of hunting for the perfect beer (heady topper anyone?)

With all of that being said, take a look at my top few tips for having an amazing Vermont summer trip! Enjoy!

1. Know where you’re going. 

Do your research people! Make sure you have the supplies you need and the right luggage and even, sometimes, vehicle! When going up to Smuggs, you can find yourself driving through a very windy and dangerous notch that if you’re not prepared for, can freak you out. If you’re looking for a family friendly location, Stowe, VT may be the spot for you!

2. Love beer? Get to the breweries EARLY!

Vermont is pretty well known for their delicious beer options and tend to sell out pretty early in the day. For example, Alchemist Beer only distributes in a few places in Vermont and is a big fan favorite. The parking lot opens at 10am and can often be sold out by noontime. Get there early to make sure you can get your spot in line! Not to mention, the view is pretty great. See below!

3. Like to hike? Get the proper gear. 

Steve and I attempted to hike one day and realized that we were far too out of shape and NOT prepared at all! Get yourself some hiking shoes and drink plenty of water. They aren’t messing around. You can see by Steve’s outfit in the below picture that sneakers and basketball shorts weren’t going to cut it.

4. Have a love of history? Covered bridges!

Explore around and find yourself surrounded by historic covered bridges and a view for miles. You won’t be disappointed!

5. Lastly, have a little one? The Von Trapp Lodge is the place to be!

Growing up, I loved The Sound of Music and when I realized we were near the Von Trapp Family home that they lived in when they escaped to America – I had to check it out! Not to mention, they have beer there. Perfect for little kids and adults!

I know this was a short and sweet article, but I hope this helps if you ever plan to visit Vermont one day! Have any other questions or need suggestions? Just reach out! I love hearing from all of you!! In the meantime, here are a few more pictures from my trip below.  Not the greatest quality as I snapped them from my phone, but I hope this helps you feel inspired to get outside and smell the fresh, summer air!


Until next time! xoxox



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