The Perfect Lip

First off, let’s get real right off the bat – I’m sitting in my pj’s with dirty hair watching The Office with Steve as I write this post.  Which is hilarious – because this post is going to be about a lipstick that I’ve discovered that’s actually amazing.

But, before I get into that – I thought I would share this major throwback that my sweet friend shared with me today:


We were 11 in this photo and I honestly look like I was living in a cave for many months before coming to this party.  Paula (far right), looks so cute and adorable that I just want to squeeze her cheeks and then…there’s me…

Just let it really soak in:


I sent the picture to Steve today and his only response was “ouch”. HA!  Let’s just say that things got much better and I finally started listening to my mother and wearing makeup and watching what I ate.  I also eliminated v-neck sweaters with an undershirt from my wardrobe.  Thank god.  It certainly didn’t happen overnight as we saw from this post where I thought Bermuda Shorts were the answer.

But, as the years got better, I started seeking out easy-to-apply makeup that would last all day as the real world sets in and you have to work several hours a day and keep up a social life.  I have tried everything from the expensive makeup to the drugstore type and I’ve never really found a long lasting lipstick that was truly – long lasting.  I have the Kylie Lip Kit and I like it, but felt it was a little overpriced and dried my lips out.

In walks: Heather Danehy.  For a bit of background, Heather is my sorority sister from college who through the years has become very good at applying makeup and looking like a goddess.  Case in point:


Like, hi, are you kidding me?  Those brows tho…and that lip!  So, I had to find out what her secret was.  Turns out, she actually runs a small, side business selling this magical lipstick that actually stays on all day and doesn’t wear off.  For example, this morning I woke up, drank coffee, ate a messy salad and chicken wings and my lip color is STILL ON.  THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

I mean – look at all of the options available!!

I, personally, have “Luv it” and it stands true to the name.  I honestly don’t push products on you guys because it doesn’t feel genuine, so I only bring things to you that I truly love (“luv”).  Guys, this stuff is amazing.  Honestly.

11 year old me up above is shouting “YAS QUEEN – I KNEW IT WOULD GET BETTER!”  

Because I love this product so much, I want to bring you 10% off your purchase with the code “lookswithlinds”

Here is how to order:


Guys – take advantage of this!  I promise you won’t be disappointed!!

Have you heard of or used Lipsense before?  Tell me your thoughts!

Until next time…



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